Dirtea Mushroom Tea Review

Dirtea Mushroom Tea Review

Dirtea is the UK’s go-to mushroom tea, coffee and hot chocolate brand. Their mushroom powders only come from organic mushroom farms that use a dual extraction method for maximum freshness.

Chaga powder can naturally boost energy and strengthen immunity, while Lion’s Mane mushroom is well-known for its benefits to digestion and cognitive function.

Chaga Mushroom

Chaga, or Inonotus obliquus, is a slow growing non-toxic fungus found in cold climates on birch tree trunks. While its outer appearance resembles burnt charcoal or dirt, inside it contains an abundant source of nutrition – an earthy-smelling brown substance rich in vitamins. Used traditionally as an Eastern European and Russian natural health tonic since centuries, chaga has many antiviral and antioxidant properties; animal studies have even demonstrated increased immune system functioning while stimulating spleen lymphocyte production as well as antimicrobial properties – making it an invaluable addition.

Mushrooms can reduce inflammation so effectively that they may be used in certain cases as an alternative therapy. They are able to stop the proliferation of cancer cells by blocking the cell signaling pathways that promote proliferation.

This mushroom may be a powerful antioxidant that can provide great benefits for skin. The high melanin levels found within it may offer UV radiation protection while being an abundant source of vitamin D – helping regulate blood sugar and increasing physical endurance while decreasing inflammation levels in the body.

One of the easiest and best ways to utilize this mushroom is through making chaga tea. You can soak chunks of the mushroom in hot water for an hour and strain it out. Then you can eat them as a snack.

Chaga mushroom tinctures or teas can be purchased at natural health stores and online. They may also be blended with other mushrooms, such as cordyceps, to create specialty tea blends.

Purchase of chaga from a reliable provider is of utmost importance, and should come complete with a certificate of authenticity that details how and when the product was harvested and grown; plus they should provide you with a money back guarantee! It’s important to understand the dosage. Although chaga is beneficial for health, you shouldn’t consume too much at once. The recommended daily dosage of adults should not exceed 30 ml.

Cordyceps Mushroom

Practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine believe cordyceps has many therapeutic uses, from increasing energy to strengthening immunity. Many of these claims have been backed by scientific research. Studies show that cordyceps improves both innate as well adaptive immunity and can inhibit tumor growth.

Cordyceps has polysaccharides which stimulate white blood cells in order to remove dead and germs cells. This is called phagocytosis. They may also activate cytotoxic t cells – immune cell responsible for directly destroying cancerous or abnormal cells by inducing allergic reactions and increasing hematopoiesis.

One of the most popular ways to consume cordyceps is as tea, where its beneficial compounds are extracted by steeping for long enough. Traditionally this tea was made by boiling pieces into water. But, today, some people grind and roast cordyceps, then combine them with hot water for their brew.

Online and in health stores, cordyceps is also available as capsules. A typical dose per day should be between 3 to 4 grams.

Cordycepin, the main chemical constituent of cordyceps (3-deoxyadenosine), is a compound that has several pharmacological properties. Cordycepin can be consumed raw and added to soups or sauces for maximum benefit.

Cordyceps is used by Tibetans to adjust to the high altitudes of their home and the low oxygen level. Studies have shown its positive effects on lung, kidneys and blood pressure as well as respiratory diseases like bronchitis or tuberculosis. Cordyceps also increases certain enzymes that kill cancer cells, while simultaneously strengthening the immune system – decreasing IgE to minimize allergic reactions.

Reishi Mushroom

Reishi mushroom has many health benefits, from boosting immunity to treating viral illnesses like flu and Swine Flu, to assisting cancer treatments and tumor removals to improving sleep quality and promoting overall wellness. Reishi has also been used to treat heart diseases, lung conditions including asthma and bronchitis. High blood pressure, cholesterol, acid-reflux/ulcers, and chronic fatigue (CFS) can all be treated with Reishi.

Reishi mushroom contains more than 400 different nutrients and many have been reported in scientific studies to have immunostimulatory effects, such as its 1,3 1,6 beta-glucans and triterpenes which help balance gut microbiome bacteria to promote a healthy inflammation response. Reishi mushroom also has sleep inducing qualities due to adaptogens within its tissues. These improve concentration throughout the entire day and promote deeper levels of restful, restful sleep.

Reishi mushrooms have been shown to improve general health and wellbeing, as well as inhibit tumor growth in lab animals. Researchers have also found that they may be able to help with other conditions, such as insomnia, anxiety and depression.

In order to get an adequate dose, you should only purchase reishi from a reputable brand with third-party certification. You should also consult your doctor if you are currently taking any medications or have a condition. Some herbs and natural remedies may interact negatively with other drugs.

To optimize the effectiveness of your reishi supplement, it’s recommended that you prepare it by making tea from it – either plain herbal tea, or as an additional energy boost in coffee!

Reishi mushroom products can be purchased at health food stores, specialty stores and online retailers. Look for a certified organic reishi as this will guarantee that it has been produced without the use harmful chemicals or pesticides. Buy products that have been tested by a third party and chaga mushroom tea walmart dual extracted. This will give you a more concentrated dose of the beneficial properties.

Super Blend

Dirtea’s Super Mix collection of functional teas contains innovative combinations that provide specific benefits. For instance, Cordyceps Mango provides natural energy but without the crash and Lion’s Mane Honeydew Melon helps with focus and memory. The Stress Less Blend combines turkeytail with reishi as well as CBN and CBD to help calm nervous systems and improve sleep.

Functional mushroom powders are available in tea, coffee and cacao beverages to suit individual tastes. Each product is made with only the highest quality mushrooms and extracts, which are triple-tested to determine active compounds. Additional ingredients have also been added to enhance flavoring and effectiveness.

Super Blend collection mushroom are produced using sustainable, organic methods. Only the best mushroom farms in the world are selected and buy organo gold coffee they undergo a double extraction process that ensures they contain beta-glucans triterpenes, and other key nutrients.

Super Blends have a wide range of benefits. It is easy to find the perfect product. Some products, like shiitake coffee can give you extra energy and focus on busy days. Reishi tea is also known to boost your immunity and provide destressing benefits.

Super Blend can be consumed by adults of any ages, either as a tea or coffee. It can also be mixed into smoothies or shakes. These products are safe to include in most diets because they are all gluten-free.

Super Blend’s range of vegetables and greens goes beyond superfood mushrooms, featuring kale, Napa cabbage, broccoli kohlrabi and carrots – helping to boost immunity while improving gut health through providing ample fibre, vitamins minerals and antioxidants. Probiotics support digestive health and reduce swelling – resulting in a tasty, easy-to-make drink you can enjoy at home!

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