Recommendations for the Best Bicycles for Daily Use

server thailand – Mountain bikes can be used for a variety of terrain. You can travel from smooth city streets to uneven mountain roads. When choosing a mountain bike for the first time, you will definitely be confused because there are many types of mountain bikes on the market. Such as regularly cycling together or campaigning about the health of cycling.

If you like cycling, this time Mamikos will provide interesting information regarding a guide to the types of bicycles that can be used by both men and women. So that you are more comfortable while riding it, you must know the specifications of the bicycle you are going to buy and whether this bicycle is the type of bicycle suitable for the track you are going to ride. One of the things that is really hyped is the hybrid bicycle type, which is a combination of mountain and racing bicycles.

1. Mountain Bike

The first recommended type of bicycle is definitely a mountain bike. Because this type of bicycle is actually suitable for use in mountainous areas with quite tough terrain. Mountain bikes are also known as Mountain Bikes (MTB). This bicycle was first introduced to a wide audience in 1970 in a hilly area in San Francisco. Some of the characteristics of a mountain bike that you can immediately recognize from its physical appearance include that this bicycle has a frame made of large pipes to make it stronger and sturdier than other types of bicycles, the wheel size is 26″ along with fairly wide tire treads.

2. Racing Bike (Racing Bike)

Racing bikes or racing bikes are a sub-type of track-based bicycle designed for speed and road racing. These bikes have lightweight frames and components with minimal accessories, drop handlebars that allow for a strong and aerodynamic riding position, narrow high-pressure tires for minimal rolling resistance, and few gears.

3. BMX bike

BMX bicycles are the right choice for those of you who are looking for a children’s bicycle. BMX is a bicycle designed for use by children who are actively playing and growing. Even so, BMX bikes can also be used by adults. Especially for attractions or activities in extreme terrain. With the high flexibility and durability of BMX bicycles, this bicycle is suitable for use in a variety of terrains.

4. Folding Bike

Folding bicycles are Mamikos’ latest guide to bicycle types. This bicycle is one of the bicycles that is sure to be light, causing you to fall in love the first time you meet it. So for those of you who are fuss-free and have limited space at home or boarding house, having a folding bicycle will be very helpful. You can also carry this folding bicycle on public transportation, apartments and even offices. This type of bicycle is very suitable for short routes on paved roads.

5. Big Wheel Bicycle

This bicycle can be recognized because its tires are very large along with relatively large traction. This type of bicycle is suitable for this track so you can ride it on sand or snow. Ultra wide tires will also allow you to cover all types of rough terrain. The tire size for this bicycle ranges from 3.7 to more than 5 inches.

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