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Paige VanZant Biography - Facts, Childhood, Family Life & Achievements RAD video price analyzer will now run over remote desktop correctly (now using base GL for drawing). 1337’s Site – A GitHub web page cataloguing many Windows XP sources, from patches to increase the operating system, to the newest variations of useful applications that can still run on Windows XP. Switched to PS4 SDK 5.0 (this model will probably be out there for 4.5 as well, but all future variations are 5.0 solely). Switched to Nintendo Switch SDK 3.1 as a result of they keep altering the audio operate signatures, sigh. Fixes for the Unity plugin on Switch – requires the newest Unity 2017.3 construct. Fixed weird build regression where the Bink 1 compressor would stack crash. Fixed the Universal 10 Bink construct to export helper features that the plugin shim makes use of. Fixed a reminiscence freeing problem in the UE4 shim on PS4. Fixed a number of reminiscence allocation issues on UE4 for PS4. Fixed a number of reminiscence leaks on the GPU-assisted path, if there was a graphics API error throughout setup.

Today Danielle BC, who came 8th within the BOP cross country raced towards all of the boys in Pursuits (there have been about 60 boys). Prov. 11:23,24: – 23 There are those who sow their own things and produce extra things, And there are those that collect but have much less. Fixed a rare bug in the Bink plugin for Unity and UE4 where Bink handles could possibly be leaked if there was a frame at present being decompressed in the background. It seems to open up prospects as a substitute of closing them down, and may help us ask more incisive questions on what we need to happen up there in the clouds. The hell panel is at all times so rather more interesting and totally realized. And that brings me so much joy. Audio decoding a lot faster (though often lost in the video decoding overhead). Made the sound sync after a BinkGoto much tighter and cleaner. Fixed a sound crash on Android when opening a number of videos concurrently.

Worked around some issues with the NX sound system shutdown. Show the Windows 10 version info in the RAD system data utility. Fixed a problem on UWP when using D3D12 (apparently they don’t think developers should loadlib system DLLs anymore, sigh). Fixed a bug within the Unity and UE4 plugins when seeking using GPU-help. Added UE4 Nintendo Switch assist. Fixed D3D9 assist for triple buffering. Added new full Switch example with precompiled shaders and BinkTexture API help. John 1:14: And the Word turned flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, stuffed with grace and fact.

Worked around some problems with the Bink Unity player on XboxOne. Updated the PS4 and XboxOne pattern code to use greatest HDR practices. Note that this fix is in WiiTextures.c, which is sample code that you simply usually combine into your recreation, so be sure to merge these modifications! Fixed to Unity and UE4 plugin code for D3D 12 on Windows and Xbox One. Added some UE4 texture clears within the Bink plugin code should you strive to draw earlier than the primary video frame is decoded. Fixed an issue with the top of playback trigger on UE4. Added new BinkTextures API function to allow arbitrary rotation of the video playback. Made a BinkTextures C interface to the Apple Metal support, so you can simply change from GL to Metal. Fixed a bug with in search of on the Switch.

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