WBFF Pro Bikini Athlete And Wellness Coach, Channa Serenity

1. Let’s start by you telling us what has driven you to this path of becoming a Wellness Coach and a Holistic Health Expert.

In University I was taking Psychology with dreams of becoming a Doctor, I come from a family of Pharmacists and as a child would request that the medical dictionary be read to me instead of Cinderella. I always knew I wanted to help people feel better and to be healthy, but my perception of the health care profession dramatically changed my 2nd year of University. I got sick, I was in a lot of pain in my abdomen area and barely had energy to move, the doctors immediately assumed appendicitis, and removed it, It wasnt appendcitis, after this they cut me open several more times and just kept guessing and kept guessing wrong. I was on an athletic bursary to University in the Track and Field program, I couldnt even walk to class let alone sprint around the track, since I couldnt make it to class, my grades were dropping, the love of my life, running, had been taking away from me, and my health was getting worse, I felt depressed, life as I knew it had changed. One day my Mom suggested we try alternative routes, she told me about a Reiki practitioner, I’ve always been a very spiritual and open minded person, however, this seemed a lil out there, but what did I have to lose?! 5 sessions later I was healed. I never did find out what was wrong with me, but it doesnt matter, I received the best gift of all, I was shown my true path. Since then I have dedicated my life to learning the healing arts and holistic medicine. What seemed at the time to be the worst time of my life was in fact a blessing and gift.

I will continue for the rest of my life to study these amazing healing arts. The medical system has a newtonian frame of thought, “if it’s broken, take it out”, we are human, we are not machines, we are energetic light beings and we are “whole”; Mind, Body and Soul are inter-related. If symptoms are being expressed physically it is due to an untuned vital force, joy Symtoms are the language in which we find the etiology of dis-ease. If we simply cover them up, we are not helping, we are supressing. “Express, Don’t Repress”~ Paul Nijar. My passion in life is to help people achieve optimal health, everyone’s body wants to be in healthy and in homeostasis. Health is experiencing wellness throughout the mind, body and soul. The body is well when exuding abundant energy and feeling strong. A healthy mind is one that experiences calm and peace, is constructive, sustains healthy relationships and remains motivated to seek purpose. An enlightened spirit is open, content, trusting, feels grateful, positive and has faith and trust in the higher purpose.

2. What techniques do you use to guide your clients to the healthy lifestyle?

I use many different modalities including Aromatherapy, Iridology, Homeopathy, Herbology, Reiki, Vibrational medicine, Natural Nutrition & Symptomatology, Yoga, Hypnosis, Fitness and Bach Flower Remedies.

3. What is your Nutrition Philosophy?

Meditation and self awareness is the ground work for my nutrition. The very best doctors and nutritionists in the world are ourselves, only we know what our bodies need and how we are feeling. It is important to establish a mind-body connection and to trust your inner guidance.

4. Typically what does your diet consist of and do you always eat Raw food only?

I’m high raw, about 90% raw, I like to indulge sometimes in brown rice vegan sushi and flax seed organic crackers with hummus, aside from that my diet consists of lots of fresh fruits and veggies, and nuts.

5. Many people struggle with certain food vice’s, what is yours and how have you avoided them?

I dont struggle with food cravings anymore, However, when i first turned vegan I struggled with seafood, I grew up in Nova Scotia, and thats what we do, we eat lots of seafood. Through schooling and my own, I became educated on the cruelty and the negative health side effects of consuming such products, the cravings quickly disappeared. There is alot I want to do in life, so I want to live a life of vitality and longevity, Only putting foods that are beneficial to my health and my karma is pivotal.

6. Give us a example of one of your Favorite Raw Food Recipes and how to prepare it.

I’m a smoothie girl, Love smoothies: Here is a recipe from my book, “12 weeks to Raw-some, Diva Edition” Click here to buy

7. Becoming a WBFF Pro Bikini Athlete takes a lot of hard work and dedication. What fuels you through your workouts?

My mother was a jazzercise instructor and had me in legwarmers and headbands working out since I was 4, It’s honestly the favorite part of my day, I was taught very young that working out is fun and it’s always stayed with me, It’s habit for me now. I volunteer with a program for children in poverty called Start2Finish weekly, and I try to teach them the same thing, That eating healthy and being active is super fun. I think its important to find exercises and activites that you enjoy, or you are not going to stick to it. Also, If I do have days where I am feeling sluggish and would rather read a book, I think about how lucky I am to have this healthy and strong body, I’m grateful for the ability to move and to be active, when you are grateful its very difficult to be lazy lol

8. Could you give us a example of one of your favorite workouts.

I work with a coach, Nathane Harewood for my training for the WBFF World Championships, he kicks my butt everyday and I love every moment of it. An example of a total body workout would be:

1 min burpess with 60lb bar

1 min tuck jumps

1 min tricep pushup to mountain climbers

1 min hanging leg raises

Do 1 exercise to the next, 6 Rounds, Followed by 40 min cardio 155 bpm

*note to view a description of the exercise click the above links. If you have never tried one of these exercises before please make sure to consult a professional before proceeding.

9. With your background who are some people that have inspired you and why?

I’m inspired by people such as: Albert Einstein, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Edward Bach, this are people who chose to go against the grain for something they believed in and for the higher good of all people.

10. What is next on your list of goals?

I am going to be writing a childrens book (or several) with a friend of mine, I’m going to be developing a yoga program that implements many facets of vibrational medicine, it will activate chakras, balance and harmonize the energy centers and give you a yummy tummy and nice booty in the process:) I have dreams of opening a healing center and I will always be continuing my education in the healing arts.

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